Conference Topic

R&D Management Conference 2018 Milan

The R&D Management Conference is an international gathering of academics and practitioners concerned with the study of research, development, technology management and innovation. The conference provides a valuable means of communication and exchange of ideas among academics and managers. The prestigious event is of long standing: the Conference was initiated in Manchester in 1980 and the 2018 40th edition of the conference is due to take place in Milano, Italy in June/July 2018.

Why you should attend the R&D Management Conference 2018 in Milan

New societal and technological trends are changing the way in which innovation and R&D are managed, opening up new opportunities for established organizations and new ventures. The R&D Management Conference 2018 in Milan is designed to be a forum where academics and practitioners will collaborate to push forward the frontiers of our knowledge on R&D and innovation topics.

Being part of the conference will benefit both practitioners and scholars: practitioners are urged to rethink their approaches to R&D and innovation, while scholars need to adapt and redefine their interpretative frameworks to understand the challenges posed by these new societal and technological trends.