Companies involvement during the 2018 R&D Management Conference

The 2018 R&D Management Conference

New societal and technological trends are changing the way innovation and R&D are managed at company level, opening up new opportunities for the businesses environment. Practitioners, therefore, are called to redesign their approaches to R&D and innovation, while scholars need to adapt and redefine their interpretative frameworks to address these new societal and technological trends. The Organizers – with the support of RADMA – invite researchers, managers, executives and consultants to the 2018 edition of the R&D Management Conference to:

  • explore the new opportunities and challenges that derive from the societal and technological trends that are redesigning the business and economic environment we live in.
  • share innovation insights with the hundreds of delegates that each year join the Conference
  • take part to the Conference events with the most influential academic and industry experts and access the RADMA Community
  • enjoy inspiring social events in prestigious and exciting venues.

Milano is among the world’s most important financial hubs and it is home to several market leader companies. In other words, it’s a fertile web of opportunities in all business sectors and the ideal location to consolidate your experiential resources. Living in Milan means living inside a constant stream of artistic and cultural stimuli. All these features make Milan a capital of Innovation, Design and Business.

Who is RADMA?

The Conference is actively supported and managed by RADMA (Research And Development MAnagement), a UK based charity, which provides PhD scholarships and research support for young scholars attending the conference.  RADMA is also joint publisher of the R&D Management journal in collaboration with Wiley.  RADMA have delegated the oversight of the annual conference to the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, at Manchester Business School, where the journal was founded and the conference began. The Institute has frequently hosted the Conference in Manchester, most recently in 2010 and again in 2013. RADMA has supported many other activities relevant to the field of research, technology and innovation management, such as conferences, workshops and summer schools.

RADMA has recently established an outreach website R&D Today to make world-leading knowledge and expertise more widely accessible and to encourage the sharing of ideas between practitioners and academics. . If you would like to submit a case-study or a review of a tool, paper or other resource that you have found useful,  please contact us.

Who sponsors the R&D Management Conference?

The Conference targets can be divided in four categories:

  • Large companies that want to position themselves as leading innovative companies both within their competitive arena and within the innovation management community;
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that want to pursue innovation as a strategic lever for the company’s differentiation and a critical success factor in the medium-long run;
  • Consulting firms, technology or service providers who wish to be recognized as skilled players in advising companies to support and redesign their innovation processes;
  • Policy makers at local and global levels who wish to promote and attract innovation in their area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Bronze Silver Gold
Complimentary delegate passes (including the participation to social events) 0 3 3
Additional delegate passes (excluding Italian VAT, if applicable) (*) € 255 (one-day access)
€ 425 (full-time access)
€ 255 (one-day access)
€ 425 (full-time access)
€ 255 (one-day access)
€ 425 (full-time access)
 Speaking slot related to industrial paper submission(s)  0  up to 2  up to 2
 Thematic Workshop

  • Workshop co-design of one industry-academia workshop
  •  logo insertion in the Conference programme next to workshop
 0 0 1
 Participation to “Call4Ideas&People” sessions yes yes yes
 Participation to “Start-up Pitch” sessions yes  yes  yes
 Sponsor visibility on:

  • event website (logo and link)
  • event book front cover (logo)
  • event proceedings front page (logo and link)
yes  yes  yes
Sponsorship acknowledgement on social media (through the Organizing committee channels):

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
1 mention 2 mentions  4 mentions
 Single-sided color advert in the event book  yes  yes  yes
 Dedicated display space:

  • 1.80m standard table with table cloth and chair (as required)
  • space behind table for roll-up banners or similar or 2 metres width
  • positioning in area of high delegate traffic during breaks
 no no  yes
 Delegate list provision (name, organization, position) before the event no  no  yes
Keynote speaker sponsorship no no to be discussed
Social event sponsorship no no to be discussed
SPONSORSHIP FEES (excluding Italian VAT, if applicable) € 3,000 € 5,000 € 8,000































(*) In addition, managers can autonomously join the conference, with a one-day (€ 300) o full-time (€ 500) access. in both cases, managers can submit one industrial paper.

Details on Corporate active participation

Corporate active participation includes three main activities, that will take place during each day, in paralle with Academic sessions

Thematic Workshops

Workshops on the transformational challenges caused  by technological and societal trends will allow cross-fertilization between academics, practitioners and companies involved.
Co-chaired by a Company representative and a Professor.


Individuals from the main Italian Universities will be invited to pitch their ideas in front of academics and practitioners and receive feedbacks and suggestions (in partnership with PoliHub).

Start-up Pitch

Start-ups will be invited to pitch their business ideas in front of academics and practitioners and receive feedbacks and suggestions (in partnership with PoliHub).