The R&D Management Conference

The R&D Management Conference is an international gathering of academics and practitioners concerned with the study of research, development, technology management and innovation. The conference provides a valuable means of communication and exchange of ideas among academics and managers. The prestigious event is of long standing: the Conference was initiated in Manchester in 1980 and the 2018 40th edition of the conference is due to take place in Milano, Italy in June/July 2018.
For more details, please visit the following website: https://www.radma.net/conferences/

Year Location Topic
1980 Manchester, UK Industrial R&D Strategy & Management – A Challenge for the 1980s
1981 Manchester, UK International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research
1983 Manchester, UK The Management of Interdisciplinary Research
1984 Manchester, UK Knowledge Engineering & R&D
1985 Manchester, UK Managing R&D Effectively
1986 Manchester, UK Management Development for Scientists & Technologists
1987 Paris, France The Strategic Management of Technology
1988 Manchester, UK State of the Art in R&D Management
1989 Ghent, Belgium R&D, Design & Manufacturing
1990 Manchester, UK R&D, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
1991 Kiel, Germany External Acquisition of Technological Knowledge
1992 Manchester, UK Managing R&D Internationally
1993 Zurich, Switzerland Technology Assessment & Forecasting
1994 Manchester, UK Managing Human Resources in R&D
1995 Pisa, Italy Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Organisations
1995 Hyderabad, India Entrepreneurship & R&D
1996 Lausanne, Switzerland Using IT Effectively in R&D Organisations
1996 Twente, Holland Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Organisations
1997 Manchester, UK Managing R&D into the 21st Century
1998 Avila, Spain Technology Strategy & Strategic Alliances
1999 New Delhi, India R&D as a Business
2000 Manchester, UK Wealth from Knowledge
2001 Wellington, New Zealand Leveraging Research & Technology
2002 Leuven, Belgium Strategy, Policy & Performance: Impact of R&D Activities
2003 Manchester, UK Implementing the Theories of R&D Management – Advancing the State of the Art
2004 Taiwan Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in R&D Management
2005 Pisa, Italy Organising R&D activities: a Balancing Act
2006 Lake Windermere, UK The Challenges and Opportunities of R&D Management – New Directions for Research
2007 Bremen, Germany Risk and Uncertainty in R&D Management
2008 Ottawa, Canada Emerging and New Approaches to R&D Management
2009 Vienna, Austria The Reality of R&D and its Impact on Innovation
2010 Manchester, UK Information, Imagination & Intelligence in R&D Management
2011 Norrkoping, Sweden R&D, Sustainability & Innovation – the need for new ideas, initiatives and alliances
2012 Grenoble, France Creating and Capturing Value through R&D Management and Innovation
2013 Manchester, UK Skills for Future Innovation – Implications for R&D Management
2014 Stuttgart, Germany Management of Applied R&D – Connecting high value solutions with future markets
2015 Pisa, Italy (Fast?) Connecting R&D
2016 Cambridge, UK From Sciente to Society: Innovation and Value Creation
2017 Leuven, Belgium Science, Markets & Society: Corssing boundaries, creating momentum
2018 Milano, Italy R&Designing Innovation: transformational challenges for organizations and society





























The conference typically attracts hundreds of delegates. The 2018 edition focuses on R&Designing Innovation: transformational challenges for organizations and society. New societal and technological trends are changing the way innovation and R&D are managed at company level, opening up new opportunities for the businesses environment. Practitioners are called to redesign their approaches to R&D and innovation, while scholars need to adapt and redefine their interpretative frameworks to address these new societal and technological trends. The R&D Management Conference 2018 in Milan is therefore dedicated to exploring the new opportunities and challenges that derive from the societal and technological trends that are redesigning the business and economic environment we live in.

Politecnico di Milano (the Organizing School)

Politecnico di Milano is one of the most outstanding universities in the world, ranked 24th in the world, 7th in Europe, and 1st in Italy among technical universities, according to QS World University Ranking – Engineering & Technology 2017. Founded in 1863, it is the largest school of Architecture, Design and Engineering in Italy, with 2 main campuses located in Milan and 5 campuses based around the Lombardy region, one of the most industrialized areas of Europe.

The School of Management of Politecnico di Milano was established formally in 2003 and groups together MIP, the Graduate School of Business founded in 1979, and the Department of Management Engineering, established in 1990, bringing together all research and education operations in the field of management. The School of Management today includes a broad range of research initiatives and teaching activities, with over 4,900 students enrolled in degree programmes. DIG carries out research and consulting projects, employs the permanent faculty and runs the degree courses in Management Engineering, both at BSc and MSc levels, as well as the PhD Programme. All remaining post-graduate education (MBA, Executive MBA, Specialising Masters, Executive programmes, Customised Corporate programmes and education in the Management and Education sector) is managed by MIP.

Research and Development Management Association

The Conference is actively supported and managed by RADMA (Research And Development MAnagement), a UK based charity, which provides PhD scholarships and research support for young scholars attending the conference. The R&D Management Conference Office works closely with RADMA and the Editors of the R&D Management Journal to develop the annual conference and series of occasional workshops for the R&D Community.
RADMA is also joint publisher of the R&D Management journal in collaboration with Wiley. RADMA have delegated the oversight of the annual conference to the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, at Manchester Business School, where the journal was founded and the conference began. The Institute has frequently hosted the Conference in Manchester, most recently in 2010 and again in 2013.
RADMA has supported many other activities relevant to the field of research, technology and innovation management, such as conferences, workshops and summer schools; for example, the pioneering European Summer School in Doctoral Management with the EISAM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management) academic programme. Finance has also been provided to students at the Masters and Doctoral programme level and for research in a number of universities. For further details, please visit its website.