The PhD colloquium, which precedes the R&D Management Conference (2-4 July, 2018), aims to provide PhD students with intensive feedback on their research from peers, senior scholars and industrial experts, in order to receive extensive feedback from complementary perspectives. Moreover, two related benefits for the participants are:

  • Impact: Learning how a research can achieve practical impact with benefits at industrial and societal levels
  • Networking: Joining a network of next generation researchers with various perspectives and from different institutions and countries. The Ph.D. Colloquium provides students coming from different countries, universities and experiences to listen to, and discuss with, both senior academics and industrial keynote speakers, as well as to have interactive networking sessions with other participants, gaining various perspectives from different institutions and countries.

The PhD colloquium of the R&D Management Conference 2018 will be held at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale, Campus Bovisa – La Masa, on Saturday June 30th and on Sunday, July 1st, 2018.

The PhD colloquium can involve up to 40 PhD students who are researching in the R&D management or a related topic.

The 2-day event gives opportunity to PhD students to share their research activities with different stakeholders, such as their peers, senior scholars and industrial experts, to build momentum and add lateral thinking to their domain of expertise and research. Participants also enjoy the opportunity to meet editors of leading journals.

The Ph.D. Colloquium program features key sessions in which participants discuss their research in small groups with peers as well as with experienced industrial managers and senior academics (journal editors). These sessions will be run on a basis of an abstract of the Ph.D. project that participants have to prepare and submit as “General Submission” at the moment of their registration to the Ph.D. Colloquium.

The sessions are interwoven by a series of keynote speeches by industrial managers and scholars about the hottest R&D topics and some practical and cross-disciplinary tools to help PhD students with their current and future challenges. A networking dinner concludes the first day.

Due to generous funding provided by RADMA, the R&D Management Association, students admitted to the PhD Colloquium are not expected to pay any registration fee to attend the Colloquium. 

To register to the Ph.D. Colloquium, please click on the following link.