Call for papers

We invite papers for any of the R&D Management 2018 thematic conference tracks listed below (detailed description of the tracks can be found in the “Description of Tracks” section), as well as general submissions addressing other R&D and innovation management topics not covered in the thematic tracks.

1. General Submissions

2. Digital platforms and digital technologies: challenges and opportunities for innovation scholars and practitioners
Proponents: Tommaso Buganza; Laurent Muzellec; Ellen Enkel; Daniel Trabucchi; Andrea Urbinati 

3. Environmental sustainability, social impact and innovation
Proponent: Marika Arena; Paolo Landoni; Giuseppe Scellato

4. Finance for innovation: new tools and approaches
Proponents: Vincenzo Butticè; Giancarlo Giudici; Massimiliano Guerini

5. Implementing open innovation: from theory to practice
Proponents: Henry Chesbrough; Chiara Eleonora De Marco; Alberto Di Minin; Valentina Lazzarotti; Raffaella Manzini; Luisa Pellegrini; Michele Grimaldi; Marian Garcia; Josè Antonio Alfaro Tanco

6. Innovation and R&D management in family firms
Proponents: Jasper Brinkerink; Joshua J. Daspit; Alfredo De Massis; Alessandro Minichilli 

7. Innovation dynamics and organizational performance: novel strategies and approaches
Proponents: Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli; Francesco Paolo Appio; Pierpaolo Andriani

8. Managing at the intersection between Innovation and supply chain management
Proponents: Margherita Pero and Nizar Abdelkafi

9. R&D management and international business
Proponents: Elia Stefano; Massini Silvia; Santangelo Grazia

10. Resilience & innovation
Proponents: Petra C. de Weerd-Nederhof and Marjolein Caniels

11. Re-thinking design thinking: emerging challenges and future evolutions
Proponents: Mattia Bianchi; Giulia Calabretta; Claudio Dell’Era; Maaike Kleinsmann; Stefano Magistretti; Roberto Verganti

12. Team, leadership & organization for creativity and innovation
Proponents: Raffaella Cagliano; Filomena Canterino; Abraham Shani; Joseph Santora

13. Open innovation intermediaries: tools, platforms and communities
Proponents: Nadine Roijakkers; Ward Ooms; Andy Zynga

14. Circular economy put into practice: opportunities and challenges for innovative industrial paradigms
Proponents: Davide Chiaroni; Peter Hopkinson; David Peck

15. Digitally-enabled business model innovation
Proponents: Antonio Ghezzi; Raffaello Balocco; Marcelo N. Cortimiglia; Alejandro G. Frank

16. Innovation in public utility services: opening the “black boxes”
Proponents: Emanuele Lettieri; Cristina Masella; Fabio Pammolli; Tommaso Agasisti; Graeme Currie; Giovanni Radaelli; Andreas Hellstrom; Leid Zejnilovic; Giuseppe Turchetti; James Barlow 

17. Leveraging open innovation to improve society
Proponents: Letizia Mortara, Nadine Roijakkers, Riccardo Fini, Joonmo Ahn

18. Big Data Analytics for R&D management
Proponent: Sungjoo Lee

19. The future of R&D and innovation: what are the key challenges for R&D Management within the next years?
Proponent: Sven Schimpf and Andrew James

20. Regional innovation management: perspectives from enterprise, clusters and ecosystems
Proponent: Anton Kriz 

21. Disruptive Innovation and Organisational Change
Proponent: Sihem Jouini and Thierry Rayna  

Call for Papers

All abstracts and papers received by the submission deadline will be evaluated in a double-blind review process. The final accepted papers that are presented in the conference sessions will be published in the R&D Management conference proceedings.

Abstracts and Papers must be submitted via the R&D Management 2018 conference website at this link.

The submission deadline for abstracts is February 15th and for final papers is May, 31st, 2018.

Final Remarks

To contact the organizers, please send an email to: The organizers will reply as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to the R&D Management Conference 2018 in Milan!

Vittorio Chiesa, Full Professor of Strategy and Marketing – School of Management – Politecnico di Milano
Federico Frattini, Full Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation – School of Management – Politecnico di Milano